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Preserved in gold

2016 December 31
by Shalini

Just around the corner!

November flu by!

2016 November 30
by Shalini

Well, that’s the latter part of October and then November gone by in a blur of travel, and bleary eyes from a nasty bout of the flu. It’s been a bit quiet here, but hang in there, folks! The blog will be active again soon, I promise . 🙂

Festive fun: a light delight

2016 October 31
by Shalini

Coming up shortly!

Autumn’s here! Bring on the pork and beans …

2016 September 30
by Shalini

It’s the start of Autumn, temperatures are heading south, and we’ve all but retired the salad spinner. I’m looking at hearty, warming recipes, and it seems like a good time to bring on the pork and beans!

In Coorg, pork dishes that combined pork (dried and smoked) with vegetables, bamboo shoot, or beans were typically prepared during the monsoon, This was when the stored and preserved abundance of Summer was put to good use.

Braised avaré with pork

My maternal grandmother may just have been a bit of a pork purist. As a rule, she didn’t care too much for pork commingling with vegetables in one pot! The only exception she made was when she cooked a particular dried pork dish into which she’d toss a few potatoes. I, on the other hand, love it cooked in combination with crisp greens, delicate squashes, starchy potatoes, and of course, with beans.

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Monsoon fare: well!

2016 August 31
by Shalini

Living in Vancouver, you’d think the prospect of rainy weather wouldn’t be the biggest attraction when heading out on a vacation. Ah, but this wasn’t just any rain – it’s the monsoon in India!

Plant, transplant

So I jumped at a recent opportunity to spend a short time at home with family and friends, soaking in the sights and sounds of my favourite season.

Naturally, much of my time was devoted to revisiting some of the wonderful foods that are such a part of my monsoon memories of Coorg. There was plenty of baimbale and akki otti, kulaeputtu and maddu puttu of course, because it’s good for you (and I just happen to adore it!).

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An “after the rain” walk

2016 July 31
by Shalini

One of the most effective ways to counter jet lag is to hit the ground running, or, as I prefer, walking. So I convinced myself that arriving in Bangalore to heavy monsoon rains and muddy streets was not an excuse to huddle under the covers and retreat into the twilight zone.

Rain gear
Ignoring hysterical TV reports of overflowing lakes, fish swimming in the streets, and mighty traffic jams, I set off to walk through an old, familiar neighbourhood. Having once lived quite close to the Madiwala market, and driven by it many, many, times over the years, this seemed  as good a time as any to visit it. read more…